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Oromia the home of Gadaa System

Ambassador Suleyman Daddafoo: Bara 1992 akkaataa EPRDF ABO dhiibee biyya baase. የቡዳ መድኃኒት በጀርመን ፍራንክፈርት:: OMN: Gaafii fi deebii Obbo Galaasaa Dilboo HD-ABO VOA: Hidhaa fi Dararaa waggaa kudhiif maatii irrra ga'e.

Finfinnee should never again be a launching pad for harmful things to Oromiyaa

Posted 2/19/2019

Finfinnee should never again be a launching pad for harmful things to Oromiyaa but one from which Oromo civilization flows. Belly button is a body center where all blood vessels were hitched. If that knot is severed the entrails will be out and the body breaks apart. Oromiyaa is a body knotted at Finfinnee since the umblical cord was cut from mother nature.  She is born to Afaan Oromo and speaking Afaan Oromo for her is a birth right. There are those that started to kick her on the belly button at a time when Oromiyaa is bringing the discourse of over a hundred years to conclusion. Their intention is to cut her on the belly. That is wish of losers. Whenever we discuss about Finfinnee or other towns we have to distinguish between sovereign right and the rights of town dwellers. Sovereignty is a supreme authority on territory a nation claim. It is known that Oromo are branch of Kush people that live on eastern segment of Africa from Mediterranean Sea to the equator. That the expedition of 15th century was a return north to where they left not conquering new land, is told by their oral tradition. It was not like raiders that claim land from where they plunder and flee as their own. The other point is, rights residents have in common and individually. Together they have an Assembly where they deliberate on development and wellbeings of their town. The relations between this Assembly and the state government will be determined by law.

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የኦሮሞ ክልል (ኦሮሚያ) አንድ አካል እና እምብርት የሆነችው ፊንፊኔ

Posted 12/14/2018

Finfinnee city aka Addis AbabaFinfinnee city aka Addis Ababa

Melkamu Temesgen.

የአገራችን ተጨባጭ የታሪክ ማስረጃዎች እንደሚያረጋግጡት የኦሮሞ ክልል (ኦሮሚያ) አንድ አካል እና እምብርት የሆነችው ፊንፊኔ መጠሪያ ስሟን ያገኘችው በከተማዋ ማዕከላዊ ሥፍራ ከምድሯ ማህፀን የሚያፈልቀውን የተፈጥሮ ፍል ውሀ ምንጭን መሰረት በማድረግ ነው። በወቅቱ ፊንፊኔ ተብሎ የሚታወቀው አካባቢና ዙሪያው ከኦሮሞ ጎሳዎች አንዱ የሆነው የቱለማ ጎሣ ከሶስቱ ዐቢይ ጎሳዎች (“Balbala”) አንዱ የሆነው የዳጪ ንዑሳን ጎሳዎች የሆኑት የጉለሌ፣ የኤካ፣ የገላን እና የአቢቹ ጐሳዎች ይኖሩበት እንደነበር ታሪክ ይመሰክራል። እነዚህ ጎሳዎች በ12 መንደሮች በመከፋፈልና በየራሳቸው የጎሳ መሪዎች ይተዳደሩ እንደነበር በወቅቱ የነበሩትን የጎሳ መሪዎች ስም በመዘርዘር ያስረዳሉ። ከእነዚህ የአካባቢ ጎሳ መሪዎች መካከል እነ ቱፋ ሙና፣ ዱላ ሃራ፣ ጂማ ጃተኒ፣ ጉቶ ወሰርቢ፣ ጂማ ጢቂሴ፣ አቤቤ ቱፋ፣ ዋሪ ጎሎሌ፣ ቱፋ አረዶ እና ሞጆ ቦንሳራ ጥቂቶቹ ናቸው

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