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Oromia the home of Gadaa System

Ambassador Suleyman Daddafoo: Bara 1992 akkaataa EPRDF ABO dhiibee biyya baase. የቡዳ መድኃኒት በጀርመን ፍራንክፈርት:: OMN: Gaafii fi deebii Obbo Galaasaa Dilboo HD-ABO VOA: Hidhaa fi Dararaa waggaa kudhiif maatii irrra ga'e.

OLF is a covenant between Oromo youth and Oromo nation for liberation and independence from colonial rule.

Posted 7/22/2019

OLF is a covenant between Oromo youth and Oromo nation for liberation and independence from colonial rule. That became the national Kaayyoo. The road map that the original OLF drew has already put Oromummaa on international stage and is so far unrivaled in showing the way to free and independent Oromiyaa. It is a road map that takes into consideration Gadaa democratic principles of equality, freedom, self-reliance and brother and sisterhood of all human beings. That is why even in its absence enemies of the Oromo nation are scared by its thoughts that Oromiyaa will never again be governable without the will of the Oromiyaans. Even when it is at its weakest point, OLF remained strong as Ayyaana Oromo (Oromo spirit). True OLF is organization of volunteers that is blind to gender, race, creed, clan and place of birth and hoped that all that claim to be so will live up to this lofty Kaayyoo.

 Now congratulating the two factions of the OLF QC/TA and OLF United for bringing their organization under one leadership, we hope if shortcomings are observed at any time to take correcting measures without waverings. It is said, “The first below is half the battle”. They have taken the first step, we wish them wisdom, magnanimity, patience and tolerance to take it to the finish. OLF cannot be wholesome until all factions are united. Then only would the battle be declared won. Divided, OLF could split our people in many aspects.

We may rejoice our present achievement but as revolutionaries we have still much left to be desired. Impaired OLF must be mended for anyone to talk of leading it. From what we observe going on around us the empire is not yet matured for democratic change. So, we ought to have reservation about our optimism of forging understanding with old enemies. Hence, what is important is not undercutting each other to register as Ethiopian party but to weld broken parts and come out as strong national front when Amaaraa elites are waging all-out war on Oromo and their leadership. Then only can we present ourselves as strong partner in the negotiation to form a new union in place of the empire or determine our own destiny. Patience, desire each individually have should not distract us from the vision our people have for freedom.

We have to grow bigger out of our old habits. At least all Oromo political organizations need to unite around a minimum national program. Let us first firmly be ourselves and then work towards greatness. Genuine OLF is not to be considered as rival to any Oromo organization but as a national icon that must be preserved and developed as a model for Gadaa democracy character and performance. OLF is symbol for Oromo resistance and struggle. To continue staying divided no one has to blame except the weak leadership. An organization is an institution not personal property for that reason twisting facts and maneuvering followers to continue in power has to stop. That led only to stagnation and rejection by so many.

In the past years it was said to preserve Kaayyoo from diminishing but since it has come home this time responsibility and accountability must be left to Oromoo Qeerroo. One way of getting out of this is changing structure and function of the organization, based on concept of Gadaa governance. There, society is divided into Hiriyaa (Peer groups) classes. There are the Luba or present rulers and the Raabaa Doorii (RD) or youth next in line to take power. And there are the outgoing Jaarsa or Yuba that could serve as councilors and custodians of tradition. Let us adopt that structure and get out of the quagmire we are in. For the present purpose let all members of present OLF leadership form the Yuba group and we start with fresh Luba and RD of Qubee generation. What do you think? Divided leadership is going to divide our people into sub identities of the leaders. Let us end disrespect to our senior freedom fighters and heroines and heroes by introducing change acceptable to all.

Luba and levels below belong to Qubee generation. Let the elderly transit to level that Gadaa permits.

Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Obbo Ibsaa Guutamaa