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Ambassador Suleyman Daddafoo: Bara 1992 akkaataa EPRDF ABO dhiibee biyya baase. የቡዳ መድኃኒት በጀርመን ፍራንክፈርት:: OMN: Gaafii fi deebii Obbo Galaasaa Dilboo HD-ABO VOA: Hidhaa fi Dararaa waggaa kudhiif maatii irrra ga'e.

Chala, whom the negtegna priests falsely accuse of burning churches and killing Christians had a meeting in a Protestant church.

Posted 11/24/2019
By Malkaa Hawaas

Oromo Evangelical Church of Washington DC.Oromo Evangelical Church of Washington DC.Amazing....!
Chala, whom the negtegna priests falsely accuse of burning churches and killing Christians had a meeting in a Protestant church. This is amazing! But believe it or not, this is not surprising for the Oromo people. It’s just who we are! It represents one of our best values!
What happened today reminds me what happened decades ago. It was a sad and unforgettable story in the history of the Oromo people’s struggle for freedom. It’s about the killing of prominent leaders of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) by enemies in the early 1970s. The founders of OLF such as Megersa Barii fell in the hands of the enemy in the east part of the country.
The captors were merciless beasts who feed on the blood and flesh of human beings.
So, the Oromo leaders knew their fate was in the hands of their captors. They could be imprisoned, killed, or released.

The captors told the leaders their plan: to kill Christians and pardon Muslims. They asked the Muslims to be on one side and the Christians on the other side. But the leaders told the captors they what didn’t expect:
“We may have different religions but we are all Oromos. We have the same cause to fight for. So, release us together or kill us together.” The captors were merciless, so they killed all of them. This is one of the many stories upon which our unity was built. This is what the poor Habeshas always fail to understand.
An amazing thing also happened yesterday. The Oromo community of Washington D.C. and its environs were ready to have a meeting with Jawar Mohammed. Many took their days off. Others rescheduled their plans to travel to other states or meet their friends because attending Jawar’s was more important than anything else.
However, the unexpected happened. Some priests of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church went to the office of the president of the Catholic University with their tsellat (replica of Tablets). They knelt down on the feet of the president and cried. When the president asked what happened, they kept crying. Finally, one of the priests rose up and said: “your excellence, your university rented its meeting hall to someone who’s responsible for the killing of many Christians and burning of churches. He is criminal. He came to the United States to collect money to commit more crimes. So, we kindly request you to cancel your university’s agreement with this guy. Please! Please! Please....!”
The president couldn’t help but heeding their request! So, he told members of the Oromo community about his decision to cancel the agreement.
Upon hearing the news, the Habeshas started cheering and celebrating their “victory.” They sang “Ethiopia” and danced. They made a plan to go to nightclubs to drink the whole night.
For the Oromos what happened was not unexpected. They have come through similar problems for many years. But they also developed skills of overcoming them. So, they went to the Oromo Community Center to discuss on what to do. They are never short of ideas. They are resourceful.
Some Habeshas followed them to the Oromo Community Center with their usual vulgar language. Some were hauling; some were barking, some were mooing.
The Oromos who were determined to hold the meeting found another place, the Oromo Protestant church. Yes, the held their meeting in the Church!
Muslim men with their kifayah and women with their hijab went straight to the church! The meeting started. A pastor gave blessings to the crowd of Muslims, Christians, and Wakefatas. A sheik praised Allah saying “Alhamdulillah Rabbal Alamin!” He made du’a to all. He mentioned tha name of Allah as if he was in a mosque. The Oromo orthodox priest did the same. The audience said “Ameen” to the blessings of the Sheiks, the pastors, and the priest.
What the Protestant pastor said about Jawar Mohammed has made everyone emotional. “Jawar is our hope. He is our gift from God” he said. Imagine a Christian pastor saying that a Muslim is his hope! Compare this with what the Neftegnas say about Ethiopian muslims.
Yes, Jawar Mohammed, whom the Neftegna priests accuse of killing Christians and burning churches had a meeting in the church!