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Oromia the home of Gadaa System

Ambassador Suleyman Daddafoo: Bara 1992 akkaataa EPRDF ABO dhiibee biyya baase. የቡዳ መድኃኒት በጀርመን ፍራንክፈርት:: OMN: Gaafii fi deebii Obbo Galaasaa Dilboo HD-ABO VOA: Hidhaa fi Dararaa waggaa kudhiif maatii irrra ga'e.

A winning Strategy for the Crisis

Posted 11/3/2019

Najat Hamza a Human Right ActivistNajat Hamza a Human Right ActivistOPDO should stop running around trying to talk to people out of terms. You should instead go back to the Oromo leadership and others stakeholders and offer a way forward.

1) Investigate the incident and provide transparency to the Oromo people and to the country ( if this is rogue elementals scenario like you claimed). If not simply apologize.

2) Create a way to compensate (not that we could, life is priceless) families who lost their loved once, and emergency funds to this still in hospitals across Oromia due to related incidents. Hold individuals who murdered looted and burned properties responsible.

3) Communicate to those who wish us harm a clear message that our affairs is not their business. That Oromo and Oromia and the leaders handle our situation internally.

4) Make sure to bring those who want to deliberately start a religious conflict to the country to justice and ensure we are a nation of tolerance

5) You already the Oromo demands work to answer them as soon as possible. (Since you have been telling us you are working on it for a while, it shouldn’t take that much time).

6) Respect the right to assembly and political campaigns for any legitimate peaceful party that wants to partake in the democratic processes.

7) Free all political prisoners across Oromia both old and current!

8. Correct your narrative and give credit where credit is due, Qeerroo/Qarree is the catalysts of this change and treat them as such. You can utilize them to transform the country economically and socially. However, remember they only work towards the true goal of the nation not in support of any party.

9) Cool it with the glorifications of past historic figures with horrible resume among Oromo people and other nations and nationalities. You can leave history to the historians. Do not irritate and agitate the people you speaking out of context and re-traumatizing our people.

10) Genuinely listen to the people and share their concerns.

11) Understand politics without constituency is like attempting to live without oxygen, they end result is tragic. Keep your base and build on that, not attempting to gain more in spite of it.

12) Election will decide the rest!

Kanaan ala mataa fi cheecha maruu dhiisa