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Oromia the home of Gadaa System

Ambassador Suleyman Daddafoo: Bara 1992 akkaataa EPRDF ABO dhiibee biyya baase. የቡዳ መድኃኒት በጀርመን ፍራንክፈርት:: OMN: Gaafii fi deebii Obbo Galaasaa Dilboo HD-ABO VOA: Hidhaa fi Dararaa waggaa kudhiif maatii irrra ga'e.

Ethiopia’s transition to democracy has hit a rough patch.

Posted 4/8/2019

Walloo Oromo under attack by Amhara Regional State especial militery force. Walloo Oromo under attack by Amhara Regional State especial militery force. But the progress has created new challenges. Ethiopia’s rapid transition away from authoritarianism unleashed waves of dissatisfaction and frustration that had been crushed by the ruling party for decades. If Abiy (Ethiopians are generally referred to by their first names) can’t maintain law and order and come up with a plan to address the causes of that anger without repressive measures, his country’s considerable gains will be threatened.

There aren’t many success stories around the world as nations transition from authoritarianism to democracy. Ethiopia has a chance to become a model, but it will need significant help confronting its challenges.

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